At Everett Studios we believe that with a little planning, a big dose of ingenuity and a handful of the best people in this business, we can help you do just about anything.

We do meetings. From planning through execution and then follow-up. We are experienced, skilled, capable. Soup to nuts. Including soup and nuts, should those be your food choices. We can create an elegant high level executive/client experience, a full company kick-off, a summer entertainment event… a special retreat to reward stellar performers.

Our studio operates around-the-clock when necessary, and our total in-house capabilities (including our digital press and large format printing solutions) never stop.

Difficult times call for new efficiencies. Economic concerns and technological advances yield/demand additional options. We can help with webcasts and virtual meetings. Any way to connect groups of people so they can have face time. Physically or digitally. Maybe both.

Let us help you with:

• Meeting and Event Planning
• Budgeting
• Site Selection
• Schedule Planning
• Invitations
• Arrival Packages
• Entertainment
• Audio Visual Support
• Presentation Graphics
• Video Production
• Speechwriting
• Speaker Skills Enhancement
• Event Management
• Meeting-in-a-Box
• Technology Alternatives
• Expos/Trade Shows


It’s not just about price. It’s about service, capabilities, design, consistency and more. We’ve been doing this sort of thing for almost 50 years. So no what matter the circumstance… we can help. Faster. Better. Cheaper. LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN HELP.